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Rabu, Disember 10, 2008


Bukan Mat Sabulah calon PAS PRK Kuala Terengganu. Tapi dia ni. Hiss…Belum tentu. Keputusan belum dibuat, yang nin cuma cadangan. Kalau ya pun, sabar jelah tunggu pengumuman.


Prof Dr Mohd Khazani Abdullah – Chief Technology Officer.

Mohamad Khazani Abdullah was born in Terenganu, Malaysia, in 1968. He obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Missouri at Rolla, USA, in 1990 and 1993, respectively, and a Ph.D. degree in Physics from University Malaya, in 1999. He was awarded the Malaysian National Young Scientist award for the year 2001 for his various contributions in the field of optical fiber communications. He has won several medals at various international expositions including Best Design in the Asia Pacific Region at INPEX-Pittsburgh, 2004 and Special Award at Eureka, Brussels 2005. He has successfully filed 11 patents for his inventions and scientific works.

Professor Khazani Abdullah, a member of IEEE LEOS-Malaysian Chapter, was the Deputy Dean of Graduate School, and Head of the Photonics and Fiber Optic Systems Laboratory, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) until April 2008. Currently, he is the Director and Chief Technology Officer at Significant Technologies Sdn Bhd, a company specializing in fiber optic products and services (www.sigtech.com.my). He also currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Electronics and Communications Engineering Dept., Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).

His research interest includes fiber optics devices, non-linear optics, DWDM, OSCDMA systems and digital communications techniques. His research finding on Optical Amplifiers was reported in Photonics Spectra, a leading scientific magazine in the field of photonics. His latest research focus is on a novel multiplexing technique known as Duty Cycle Division Multiplexing (DCDM). Dr. Khazani is currently serving as a reviewer for various international publications including top-ten journals in photonics/optics. He has published 64 articles in Citation-Indexed journals and 168 in other journals/conferences. He also has the experience in commercializing various RnD products into local and oversea markets, and has spun off 5 start-up companies. Recently he has obtained the Trade Mark for his new knowledge-based invention known as K-ChartTM, an effective tool for research project planning and management. In graduate thesis supervision he has produced 25 Masters and 10 PhD holders, some with the assistance of K-Chart™.

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