Jumaat, Julai 02, 2010

YANG DIPERHANGAT & DIPERINGAT (Siri tumpang sekaki 3)

Dungun Umno chief is ‘BIADAP!’
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I dont care if Dungun Umno division chief Dtk Rosli or his cybertroopers like 'Dato' Hambali Latiff and others or even Trengganu Mentri Besar himself get annoyed by this statement - that people like Rosli are the ones who will plunge Umno into major crisis prior to the next general elections, thus will guarantee the Opposition to wrest power in his division and also in the State.

His remarks and attitude will also make the Malays to stay away from Umno for a long, long time. Even those are already members would either opt to quit or not to vote for Umno again.

"YB kalau takda duit, kalau miskin, tak payahlah jadi Ahli Parlimen...". (YB, if you dont have money, if you are so poor, no need to be a Member of Parliament...)

This is what he chided Dungun MP Matulidi Jusoh during a function in Trengganu last week. MB Ahmad Said was there and I believe Ahmad heard it. Others may have heard it too.

So, you are already filthy rich after becoming a 'wakil rakyat' for one term. Why only for a term? You already got a big bungalow, a fleet of cars and plenty of cash to make you a king in Dungun. That's alright. Since you are the Umno chief, you are of the opinion that all Federal and State projects must go through you.

The manner you treat your own deputy gives the impression that the MP job MUST be yours and for being poor, Matulidi is not fit to become a 'wakil rakyat'. You are painting the picture that Umno is a party for the rich and famous. So, go talk to Umno President Najib Tun Razak or his deputy Muhyidin Yassin about it. Suggest to them to regulate that in the party's next assembly. Who knows, your money might win you a higher position in Umno.

And for Najib, Muhyidin and other Umno leaders - you may keep people like him if you may. Let us see the result pretty soon.If Umno harbors so many division chiefs like this, I dont mind leaving the party or being sacked.

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